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Need help with your Telecommunications?

The team at TelcoBroker are Telecommunications Consultants that are independent, impartial and will work in your best interests to get you the best deal or technical solution based on your requirements!

  • We have saved our customers 10-40%+ off their Telecommunications Bills
  • Resolved overcharges and billing issues
  • Provided Consulting and advice on complex Telecommunications problems

To speak with a consultant please call 1300 978 073

Let's Work Together!

TelcoBroker has saved our clients on average between 10-40% off their Telecommunications bills. We might be able to do the same for your business, give us a call on 1300978073 to find out how we can help.

Our Services

Telecommunications Consultant

A Telecommunications Consultant can assist your business in a number of different ways, we can do a review or audit on your current Telecommunications Vendors, Contracts, Usage or Technology.

Telecommunications Broker

We can assist with the procurement process by understanding your requirements and shortlisting vendors on your behalf.

Telecommunications Audit

We can provide Telco bill reviews and asset audit services. We can help you gain visibility over your Telco network, manage costs and build an asset register.

Telecommunications Manager

You can outsource the day to day management of your Telecommunications to Telco Broker. We can manage adds, moves, changes and vendor management.

Telecommunications Procurement

We can provide independent and impartial procurement services, to assist with the buying and Telecommunications management process.

Your Telecommunications Consultant can review your:

Mobile Phone Fleet

We can conduct a thorough analysis of your usage, which vendors you are doing business with, your coverage requirements, roaming patterns and propose a vendor. We are able to advise on all major carriers.

Fixed Lines and VoIP

We can help you select another Fixed line provider or help you through the process of migrating to a hosted phone system, we can advise of all the pitfalls, risks and benefits, and ensure that you are informed the entire way.

Data Networks and NBN

If you aren’t sure what internet connection you need for your business, how much bandwidth you need, or what is involved in setting up a WAN to link your different sites, TelcoBroker can help you with your decision making process.

Case Studies

After vendor engagement and negotiations, TelcoBroker was able to provide a solution that:

  1. Reduces the number of vendors
  2. Merged multiple accounts with the same vendor into one
  3. Negotiated 25 – 40% cost reduction on all services
  4. Cleared out any unrequired services
  5. Introduced better visibility on all services
  6. Prepared a 2 year Telecommunications strategy for the business

Why engage a Telecommunications Consultant?

Engaging a Telecommunications Consultant to do a review on your Telco contracts and vendors gives your business visibility on what you are spending, ensures that your vendors are delivering what they promised and provides you the information to make informed decisions.

If you are looking to procure new services and hardware, a Telecoms Consultant can make recommendations based on real industry expertise. If you aren’t sure about your next Telecommunications decision, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING until you give the team at TelcoBroker a call on 1300 978 073.

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