Have you considered engaging a Telecommunications Consultant?


Many business owners that we speak to have never even thought about engaging a Telecommunications Consultant to assist them with their Telco Services, which is an unfortunate position to be in, as they may not be procuring the right technology for their business. Considering that it is routine to engage a specialist to assist in critical business decisions whether it be lawyers, accountants or IT Consultants, typically Telecommunications decisions are being driven by a pushy Telco sales person who is just trying to hit their sales target for the month, is limited with a small set of products to sell and if you aren’t getting multiple quotes you could be re-signing services on old rates and plans. At Telco Broker, our goal is to help Australian Business make better decisions when it comes to their business communications, which by its very nature is a critical business decision in itself. Engaging a Telecommunications Consulting firm doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive either, in some cases if it is a straight forward engagement where the requirements are clear cut and your business just needs some hand holding and a high level review, there may only be a need for 1-2 days worth of work at most, if you have multiple sites, hundreds of services and multiple carriers and contracts that need to be dissected that is another story, but we will work through that process with you and will be transparent with our rates and engagement model. If all you need is some recommendations to new suppliers, there may not be any charges associated with our time, as we may get a small commission from the chosen vendor for the referral. Considering that the first consult is obligation free you don’t have anything to lose, the Telecommunications Consultant just needs to understand your requirements and we can take it from there. Our team provides Telecommunications Consulting services all over Australia, we have helped small and large Australian businesses all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart.

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TelcoBroker has saved our clients on average between 10-40% off their Telecommunications bills. We might be able to do the same for your business, give us a call on 1300 978 073 to find out how we can help.